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We assemble products for our clients too. From sports equipment, printing to electronics. Call us for details.

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We treat your customers like they are our own. We appreciate the trust you put in us and we take this very seriously.
“Spalding has been working with Eurobase for many years now. They provide all of our customer services, after sales and warranty support for the European market. Their service is a business critical part of promoting Spalding as the No.1 basketball brand in the world. We consistently get hugely positive feedback from customers about their service which further strengthens our brand in the marketplace. I am delighted to have Eurobase as a partner.” 
Pat Coffey, Senior Manager, Spalding International

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We are not your typical fulfilment services company. We are your most valuable partner when it comes to making smart, money-saving business decisions.

We leverage over 22 years of industry experience, cutting edge technology and close supplier relationships so that our clients benefit from more efficient operations, more satisfied customers and significant cost reductions.